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DirtTrackTrader.com is For Sale
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🡆 Purchase DirtTrackTrader.com (and bonus domains)

Interested in merging an established brand like Dirt Track Trader and several related domains into your own racing business?

DirtTrackTrader.com was one of the very first racing classifieds websites on the internet, has been helping dirt track racers sell their equipment since 2000. This domain could be ideal for a company that already offers racing related services (i.e. companies who sell racing shirts, parts, trailers, etc.).

Due to my busy schedule and full-time job as a software developer, I just don't have time to focus on this website anymore. So, I'm looking to sell it to someone who may be able to benefit from it and the related domains mentioned below.

🛒 How About an Online Store?

The well-established Dirt Track Trader brand name would make for a fantastic online store to sell merchandise through. One thought is to setup a new racing classifieds system again and drive racers into it, then offer an online store to sell your products to the site visitors. Some ideas would be:

  • Sell racing parts
  • Sell racing safety gear
  • Sell racing themed apparel

🏁 Racing Advertisements

If you have the ability/time to reach out to racing businesses, you could setup a new classifieds system again and focus on selling racing advertisements to display within the site for additional income.

⯌ Why is DirtTrackTrader.com For Sale?

You may be curious why I'm selling DirtTrackTrader.com (and related domains). Since starting the Dirt Track Trader many years ago, I (Steve Elliott) simply ran out of available time to keep focused on it. I have a full-time job for another company as a software developer, I develop custom websites through ElliottBrand (https://elliottbrand.com), and I have devoted a lot of effort over the past 3+ years into developing a new social network platform at https://blazot.com. I simply haven't had the time to focus on the Dirt Track Trader.

★ Bonus Domains

This purchase would also include the transfer of the following premium domain names:

  • dirttracktrader.net
  • dirttracktrader.co
  • dirttracktrader.site
  • dirttracktrader.website
  • dirtracingclassifieds.com
  • dirttrackclassifieds.com
  • motorsportsmall.com
    This would be a great website for selling racing items
  • dirttrackmall.com
  • racetrailerclassifieds.com
  • racingtrailerclassifieds.com
  • racingtrailersforsale.com
  • redlineclassifieds.com
  • redlineclassifieds.net
  • stockcarclassifieds.com
  • latemodelclassifieds.com
  • microsprintsforsale.com
  • microsprintclassifieds.com
  • midgetcarsforsale.com
  • racetracktrader.com
  • sprintcarclassifieds.com
  • latemodelsforsale.com
  • modifiedsforsale.com
  • dirtsprintcarsforsale.com
  • midgetcarclassifieds.com
  • dirtmodifiedclassifieds.com

Also included would be the Dirt Track Trader Racing Classifieds Facebook page, which has over 35,000 likes and the Dirt Track Trader Twitter account (not much focus has been placed on this account).

The price for all this is: $65,000.

✉️ Contact

Please send a message below if you are interested or leave a voice message at (317) 883-9755.

Domains will be transferred to your domain account once payment is received (and successful bank verification).

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