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  • Purchase DirtTrackTrader.com

    Interested in merging an established brand like Dirt Track Trader into your own racing business?  DirtTrackTrader.com was one of the very first racing classifieds websites on the internet, has been helping dirt track racers sell their equipment since 2000, and ranks very well in search engines.  The reason for considering selling this website is that I work a full-time job as a software developer and haven’t had much time to devote to this website.  I realize it could be ideal for a company that already offers racing related services (i.e. companies who sell racing shirts, parts, trailers, etc.).

    Dirt Track Trader would be a great site to integrate an online store into. Some ideas would be:

    • Sell racing parts
    • Sell racing safety gear
    • Sell racing themed apparel

    If you have the ability to reach out to racing businesses, you could also focus on selling racing advertisements to display within the site.

    This purchase would also include the transfer of the following premium domain names:

    • dirttracktrader.co
    • dirttracktrader.net
    • dirttracktrader.site
    • dirttracktrader.website
    • dirtracingclassifieds.com
    • dirttrackclassifieds.com
    • motorsportsmall.com (this would make a great website for selling racing parts)
    • dirttrackmall.com
    • racetrailerclassifieds.com
    • racingtrailerclassifieds.com
    • racingtrailersforsale.com
    • redlineclassifieds.com
    • redlineclassifieds.net
    • stockcarclassifieds.com
    • latemodelclassifieds.com
    • microsprintsforsale.com
    • microsprintclassifieds.com
    • midgetcarsforsale.com
    • racetracktrader.com
    • sprintcarclassifieds.com
    • latemodelsforsale.com
    • modifiedsforsale.com
    • dirtsprintcarsforsale.com
    • midgetcarclassifieds.com
    • dirtmodifiedclassifieds.com

    Also included would be the Dirt Track Trader Racing Classifieds Facebook page, which has over 35,000 likes and the Dirt Track Trader Twitter account (not much focus has been placed on this account).

    Note: The website would need migrated to your own hosting plan and assistance could be provided.

    The price for all of this is only $65,000. Reach Steve Elliott through the Contact Page for more details.

    Interested in owning DirtTrackTrader.com? CLICK HERE for more information.